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What We Offer

Fast and Easy Application
No Down Payments
No Debt-to-Income (DTI) Requirements
No Employment or Income Verification
New/First-Time Investors Eligible
No Credit Checks
Local Lender – We Understand the Local Market
Private Portfolio Lender – Gives us Flexibility
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We make Private lending easy

What is Transactional Funding?

Every now and again investors find themselves in situations where the only solution to wholesaling a property is to buy it and then immediately resell it; requiring a double-close. When a wholesaler has to double-close, they need to fund and purchase the property before they can sell it to the buyer. The problem is that most REI’s don’t have that kind of money readily available.

Transactional Funding can cover 100% of the purchase and closing costs so you can immediately resell it. By using our funds, you spend no money out of pocket as if you were still doing a wholesale (contract assignment) on the property.

When Do I Need Transactional Funding?

Transactional Funding is commonly used to keep the wholesaler’s (your) fair assignment fee anonymous from the buyer. Unfortunately, some buyers don’t think wholesalers should be allowed to make much money. So, to prevent push-back, they double-close the deal. It’s also commonly used to wholesale a property where the seller doesn’t allow contract assignments.
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Our Process


Submit an application

We just need some basic info like the Loan Amount, Rehab costs and ARV. Once we have the basics, we’ll reach out to you with a custom-built loan and quote. If you like it, we go to Step 2.


Once we have your application, we go to underwriting. In underwriting, we’ll request the relevant docs we need to verify the details. If everything looks good, we’ll be all set to go to Step 3.

Close Your Deal

Now that everything is verified and set, we can send the funds to the title company or attorney handling the closing. You’ll sign the necessary docs and… BAM! You own the property!

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Get your loan application in process today. Once submitted, your initial application will be quickly reviewed by our team. You’ll hear back from us soon with the loan terms that apply best to your situation.
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