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Best REI Funding is a Private Money/Hard Money Lender. Our goal is to fund every deal with funds from private individuals or retirement accounts. We believe that people helping people is the best way to run this business.

We specialize in Fix & Flip loans, Bridge loans for Rental Rehabs and Transactional Funding. Because we deal primarily with private individuals and retirement accounts, we believe that we can be much more flexible and creative with the deal/loan structure. We know that not every deal goes as planned. The flexibility that we offer is critical to success. We believe that helping real estate investors succeed is the most important service we offer to both our borrowers and investors.

We want to be your long-term partner in your success.

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Jeff has been a hard money lender since 2010 and a real estate investor since 2004. As a hard money lender, Jeff manages a hard money investing fund. Through both his personal ventures and lending through the fund, he has been involved in over a thousand transactions. As a lender and investor, Jeff has seen and done just about every kind of deal imaginable; everything from a simple wholesale, to rehabs, rentals, subject-to, lease with the option to purchase, seller finance and lending. Jeff has been involved in many creative purchase and sale situations.

Jeff gives back to the investors in Green Bay. He helps run and support the Green Bay WiscoREIA and helps out at the Central Wisconsin WiscoREIA in Wausau.

If you’re looking for help with structuring a deal, getting your deal funded or looking to fund a deal, reach out to Jeff through the Contact Us Page.

If you need a Proof of Funds letter, you can grab one here.

Derek has been a successful Investor since 2002. He’s been through the ups and downs of the markets and has the scars to prove it.

Derek has been involved in hundreds of transactions in his career. He’s done wholesaling, flipping, landlording, lending and countless other investment strategies throughout the years.

Derek loves negotiating with sellers. He loves to put together creative solutions for sellers that few other investors can put together.

Derek loves giving back to the real estate community. Derek also runs the Central Wisconsin WiscoREIA which is based out of Wausau.

Derek is also a coach and mentor who has a passion for helping others be successful too. You can reach Derek through the Contact Us Page.


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