Private Lending: The Benefits & How to Start

Jeff CichockiJanuary 16, 2020 | ,
The Benefits of Private Lending and How to Start     Not everyone who is or wants to invest in real estate can afford to sacrifice more time than they already are. This is why private lending has become an attractive form of real estate investing to so many investors. Once you have an established […]

[Transactional Funding] Why Wholesalers Need It

Not Using Transactional Funding? You're Losing Money.     Wholesalers who don't know about Transactional Funding are likely missing out on some extra cash. So what is it? Transactional Funding is a short-term loan that usually only lasts for a few hours or days. Ideally you'd be able to wholesale a property by assigning a […]

Quickly Analyze Property ARV

Jeff CichockiDecember 7, 2019 |
How To Do A Quick ARV Analysis     How to analyze a property’s after repair value (ARV) is an important ability that all real estate investors (REI's) need to know how to do. REI's who quickly analyze a property's ARV are able to look through and find more potential investment properties. Once you find […]

5 Non-Economic Factors that Affect Real Estate Market Values

Jeff CichockiDecember 6, 2019 |
Have You Thought About Non-Economic Factors?     Many real estate investors (REI's) talk about how interest rate hikes or dives and the local or national economy affect real estate market values. Though this is true, they don’t always point out the non-economic factors that change values as well. REI's are in the business to […]

[Hard Money Loans] What Are The Benefits?

Jeff CichockiDecember 5, 2019 | ,
Why Real Estate Investors Use Hard Money Loans   Quick Application, Approval, and Funding Process. The process to get a hard money loan from Best REI Funding is easy! We only require a simple loan application and review process that could be approved within days. Most banks and lenders on the other hand have a […]
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