Rental Rehab: Appleton Project - Case in Point

Bridge Loans Back At It Again...     What drives our success is the great real estate deals hidden in our existing home and multi-unit housing stock. Many areas are aging well, even with homes that were built years ago. When we find a house with a sound structure, with a plan to fix it […]

Rental Rehab: The Milwaukee Duplex Deal

Using A Bridge Loan For A Rental Rehab Not all deals work out as well as the Kewaunee Double-Lot Deal we wrote about recently. But another deal we funded down near Milwaukee is another great example of the power of hard money loans to make great real estate deals happen. We also keep the real […]

Bridge Loan: The Kewaunee Double Lot Deal

How A Hard Money Loan Saved The Day     There is a special deal we did recently that shows why real estate investing is great for everyone involved. The deal was on a double lot property in Kewaunee, Wisconsin. Each lot had a single-family home on it, and the owner really wanted to sell. […]
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