SDIRA's and Investing in Real Estate

How to use an SDIRA to Invest in Real Estate

Many potential or new capital investors think that in order to reap the rewards of real estate that they need to have a lot of money sitting in the bank account just waiting to be invested. But you might be surprised to learn otherwise. To invest in real estate, it does take some capital, but you likely already have the money needed to start investing. Where? In your 401(k) or (Roth) IRA.

Most people know about 401(k)’s and (Roth) IRA’s, but what most don’t know is that they can actually use this money in other investments like Real Estate. How? With Self-Directed IRA’s (SDIRA’s). An SDIRA is a Very Powerful investment vehicle that can give you the flexibility you need to make the most out of your retirement funds. Without ever losing retirement status!

The Millionaires take advantage of this investment vehicle, why shouldn’t you?

How does it work?

An SDIRA gives you the ability to move money from a traditional retirement account to an SDIRA without ever losing retirement status. The power of an SDIRA comes with control and new opportunities. You have the ability to pick and choose where to invest your money. Who else knows best what to do with your money other than you?

What are the advantages?

  • Ability to Invest in Real Estate
  • Possibly Tax-Deferred and/or Tax-Free Income
  • More Control Over Your Own Money
  • Maintain Retirement Status
  • Much, Much More!

When you use an SDIRA to invest in Real Estate, you have the ability to choose when, where and how much to invest. Unlike shares in a company, your investment is secured by a physical asset that you can touch, feel and look at.

So, Where Does Best REI Funding Come into Play?

Good Question! At Best REI Funding we’ll actually show you how to set up an SDIRA step-by-step. Once you’re SDIRA is properly set up, you’ll be ready to invest. Depending on your investment preferences we’ll either send you investment opportunities that you can pick and choose from, or you can invest in our Fund. For our fund, we pick, qualify and choose investment opportunities while servicing the loan from point A-Z.


Investing in Real Estate doesn’t require a large sum of money that’s sitting in a savings account. You can make use of unused or under-utilized retirement accounts without ever losing retirement status, and your income could be Tax-Deferred or Tax-Free. You get to take control over your money and choose which investment opportunities are best for you and your desired level of risk. In the end, Best REI Funding is here to help you take advantage Self-Direct IRA’s and invest in Real Estate. Our goal is to help you maximize your returns.

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